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Bradley's Country Store

Bradley's Country Store

One of my favorite hometown traditions is visiting Bradley’s Country Store, in my hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. I have fond memories of this quaint little store, surrounded by mighty live oaks. We visited so many times growing up to stock up on their famous smoked sausage, especially during the holidays, and now the Mr. loves going when we visit for the very same reason.

While home for the holidays this trip, we visited Bradley’s, all decked out for Christmas – and brought our little guy for his very first visit, continuing the family tradition. Note the fresh bundles of collard greens stacked behind us as we sit on the front porch rocking chair for a photo.

Bradley's front porch

Do you have a country store that you love to visit?


As the weather gets cooler and the nights get shorter, I find myself wanting to spend more time in front of a cozy fire. Last weekend we went on an adventurous hike and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Camping is one of my fondest childhood memories and is the perfect adventure to take with those you love. Whether with family, a weekend with friends, or a romantic getaway with your significant other these camping items are the perfect things to pack for a night under the stars!

  1. Stanley Thermos
  2. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
  3. Restoration Hardware Survival Kit
  4. Sundance Vintage Swiss Army Blanket

As the first official day of summer fast approaches and kids are out of school, families everywhere are preparing for summer vacations. Whether you’re off to a cozy cabin in the mountains or a quaint cottage at the beach, you’re not only embarking on a great vacation but creating a tradition with your family.

I was so thrilled when I caught the tail end of an interview with Ricky Lauren, wife of the fashion-fabulous Ralph Lauren, who has just come out with a special new book – The Hamptons: Food, Family, and History. There are few brands as all-American as the iconic Ralph Lauren, and this book exudes the same tradition and classic influence.

During the interview, Ricky talked about how special their Hampton’s home has been to their family, as a gathering place for them, their friends and their children’s friends. It has been a place that has kept them close, with food and special memories at the heart of it all.

The book takes a look into the kitchen, a collection of family photos and stories and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

There are many things I love. Two of them, in no particular order, are summer and magazines.

So, how thrilled was I to be included in Country Living’s recent bloggers choice publish of “50 Things to do this Summer in 50 States” representing my fair state of Georgia. Now, there are some pretty fabulous bloggers here in Georgia so I am oh-so-flattered to be included.

My “off the beaten path” pick was one of my very favorite places to go for a Sunday brunch – Sun in my Belly! There is nothing like a restored hardware store, brunch food, a live folk trio and BYO champagne to enjoy out of a jam jar. Right up my alley? I think so.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my other favorite picks for Atlanta!

Favorite Shops: Star Provisions, Simply Put, Urban Cottage, South of Market, London Trading Company, The Mercantile, Huff Harrington Home, Egg’s Nest, Ann Mashburn, B. Braithwaite

Favorite Eats: Cacao, Bella Cucina Porta Via, Valenza, Empire State South, West Egg Cafe, Belly General Store, Cafe Jonah, Portofino

I’ll keep adding to my list – I know there are so many I’ve left off. But, I’d love to hear your “undiscovered” favorites!

Also – I’d love if you’d take a moment and nominate Heirloomed for Country Living’s Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards!

just like me, i know many of you absolutely love the concept of the “mom & pop” store, right? you know, the family owned, local, been around for ages as a staple in the neighborhood store that carries a little bit of everything you may or may not need.

our little neighborhood in Atlanta has it’s very own Mom & Pop { yes, actually named Mom & Pop} and it’s been around for over 20 years. there was quite a commotion recently when the little store closed a few weeks ago. it turns out they are relocating and a fabulous new little market with local roots will be replacing them and opening tomorrow, so at least good news for everyone!

thanks to the ingenuity & quick thinking of my husband, we were able to score some original handpainted signage from the store as a memento. i think many years of my antiquing and a few episodes of American Pickers has rubbed off him, don’t you? but how fabulous that we have a little piece of neighborhood history preserved. now … what to do with it is another question, but we will figure that out soon enough!

don’t you love the sign? do you have a little “mom & pop” type store that you adore too?

One of my very favorite things about the Summer is the fresh fruits and vegetables that are oh-so plentiful this time of year.

Watermelon, peaches, corn, tomatoes, beans – you name it. There are so many reasons to love Summer, and this is one of my favorite. The past two days we’ve awoken to a bit cooler weather {and by cooler I mean, not in the 80’s by 5am …} and it’s made me realize that Summer is coming to a sweet end sooner than later.

It made me remember this wonderful farm stand called Jaemor Farms that we stopped at on our way to rustic North Georgia. I love how this picture makes you feel like you’ve take a step back in time, like it could have been taken yesterday or 40 years ago. In recent years, there has been a flourishing comeback of farms, fruit stands, farmers markets and such. A brand new one just opened in our neighborhood about a month ago and I finally made the walk up last weekend – it was perfect.

So, while I’ll be sad to see my favorite Summer season come to an end, I’ll look forward to the upcoming days of fresh apples, jars of jam and one of my all time favorites – those great boiled peanuts that only a true Southerner can master.

Do you have a local farm stand that you love? Do tell – I’d love to be sure to mark it on my list when we travel next to your area!

I was at my neighborhood hardware store last week, picking up yet another shipment of preserves jars.

I simply adore this little hardware store, with just a tiny bit more charm you’d swear you’d stepped back in time to one of the amazing little family-owned hardware stores from days past. You know, like the one Julia Roberts worked in the movie Runaway Bride. Darling. It continues to surprise me just how many little items they can cram into one tiny store.

But the highlight of this trip to the store started long before I even stepped inside. To greet me there in the parking lot was this amazing Ford Bronco. And by amazing, I do mean breathtaking.

I’m not certain what year it is, a 1970’s-something.  I’m no expert when it comes to cars. And, truly I’m not a car person at all. But since the day I turned 15, I’ve dreamed of driving this car one day.

I remember seeing it in seafoam green on the cover of Sundance Catalog one day and thinking that certainly, if I learned a thing or two about fixing cars perhaps this could be a practical option as my very first vehicle {which was quickly vetoed by the parentals if I do recall …}

The interior here was clean and white, with a nice dark red exterior. It was nothing overly fancy and I heard it stutter a bit when the owner walked out and fired her up – but all a part of it’s charm, of course. And so, my Bronco dream lives on and I continue to swoon.

Am I alone, or do you love them as much as I? Would love to hear more about your favorite throwback car, too!

One of my most favorite coastal towns is that of Apalachicola, FL.

It is a quaint little town in the Florida panhandle, filled with charming little businesses – one of the best seafood joints you’ve ever been to, an outfitters store equipped with a dog named Captain, a historic theatre, several Inns, a nautical antiques store, and a few other gems for you to discover.

The towns claim to fame is to have founded the first ice machine – and trust me, having lived through eighteen Florida summers, this IS a monumental invention.

I visited last weekend to discover a few of my favorite home stores were sadly no-longer, but also the most fabulous new discovery – Apalachicola Chocolate Company.

Spread inside a gorgeous old building, with cases filled of the finest cocoa concoctions – the owners truly have a time-honored craft that has been learned, practiced and shared to groom the next experts. The caramels were divine, the chocolate truly did melt in your mouth and even a special chocolate oyster that pays homage to the world-famous Apalachicola oysters. Coming soon is an expanded gelato section that already left you swooning!


Hope you’ll click over to see more photos from my favorite new chocolatier, and more importantly, go visit for yourself!


I was fortunate to have attended a retreat this past weekend at Berry College in Rome, GA. Proof again that there are amazing things so close to you that you still know nothing about, so go explore!

While there were many wonderful things about the sprawling campus that I enjoyed – gorgeous mountain views, deer running all over the place, the darling little downtown of Rome, an amazing stone church – my most favorite part of the weekend was exploring the most amazing little building called Possum Trot Church.

As the story goes, this small church & schoolhouse grew for the small Possum Trot community until there were many children in attendance, but not enough bibles to go around. So Martha Berry painted these breathtakingly simple verses on the wall for all to take in. I simply loved what the morning light had to do for this gorgeous building.

One of my most favorite of places happens to be right here in Georgia, the perfect combination of rustic deliciousness is The Farmhouse at Serenbe.

I was surprised by the Mr. with an early Valentine’s Day inspired treat, brunch at The Farmhouse. They happen to have *the* most divine fried chicken, fully seeped in buttermilk overnight I have heard, accompanied by  homegrown butter beans, collards & baked macaroni & cheese.

What a wonderful surprise and the perfect treat for our first Valentine’s Day, it being our first time back at Serenbe since our wedding. Who knows, maybe it’ll become our own little tradition over the years.

Hope your day today, like all others, is filled with lots of love.

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