just like me, i know many of you absolutely love the concept of the “mom & pop” store, right? you know, the family owned, local, been around for ages as a staple in the neighborhood store that carries a little bit of everything you may or may not need.

our little neighborhood in Atlanta has it’s very own Mom & Pop { yes, actually named Mom & Pop} and it’s been around for over 20 years. there was quite a commotion recently when the little store closed a few weeks ago. it turns out they are relocating and a fabulous new little market with local roots will be replacing them and opening tomorrow, so at least good news for everyone!

thanks to the ingenuity & quick thinking of my husband, we were able to score some original handpainted signage from the store as a memento. i think many years of my antiquing and a few episodes of American Pickers has rubbed off him, don’t you? but how fabulous that we have a little piece of neighborhood history preserved. now … what to do with it is another question, but we will figure that out soon enough!

don’t you love the sign? do you have a little “mom & pop” type store that you adore too?