I was at my neighborhood hardware store last week, picking up yet another shipment of preserves jars.

I simply adore this little hardware store, with just a tiny bit more charm you’d swear you’d stepped back in time to one of the amazing little family-owned hardware stores from days past. You know, like the one Julia Roberts worked in the movie Runaway Bride. Darling. It continues to surprise me just how many little items they can cram into one tiny store.

But the highlight of this trip to the store started long before I even stepped inside. To greet me there in the parking lot was this amazing Ford Bronco. And by amazing, I do mean breathtaking.

I’m not certain what year it is, a 1970’s-something.  I’m no expert when it comes to cars. And, truly I’m not a car person at all. But since the day I turned 15, I’ve dreamed of driving this car one day.

I remember seeing it in seafoam green on the cover of Sundance Catalog one day and thinking that certainly, if I learned a thing or two about fixing cars perhaps this could be a practical option as my very first vehicle {which was quickly vetoed by the parentals if I do recall …}

The interior here was clean and white, with a nice dark red exterior. It was nothing overly fancy and I heard it stutter a bit when the owner walked out and fired her up – but all a part of it’s charm, of course. And so, my Bronco dream lives on and I continue to swoon.

Am I alone, or do you love them as much as I? Would love to hear more about your favorite throwback car, too!