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strawberry-refridgerator-cheese-cakeAs I see the packages of fresh strawberries line the shelves at the super market (whatever happened to those cute little baskets?)I can’t help but share this delight of a recipe as we get closer and closer to the spring season.

I love the term gelatin, it reminds me of those orangestrawberry-refridgerator-cheese-cake-2 boxes of Knox. And after much searching, I have finally determined that the “L of C” inscribed on some of the recipe cards in our families collection, stands for “Lady of Charm” who was something of a homemaker icon in Michigan.

So, as most people do love a good cheesecake, I hope you will enjoy this seasonally fresh little treat.

kahluaToday’s featured recipe will be Grandma’s Kahlua, a very special treat that she was known for among friends & family.

Grandma’s kahlua was something that truly brought people together. Making it was no small feat as you’ll see by the quantities it makes on the recipe card, so she always ensured it was an experience had by all.

She would literally make a party out of the making of her kahlua each time she was ready to stock up. She’d invite friends over, having each bring their own empty bottles and throw a great big party as she entertained guests while making the drink and serving them snacks & desserts with kahlua in the recipe.

What an experience it was and friends always looked forward to her kahula parties and were thrilled once the recipe was complete and they had their own bottle full to take home & enjoy! I hope you will do the same.

IceMilk Aprons was featured today in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as part of the Southern Recipe Restoration Project.

Let me start by saying, what a true honor to be featured as part of this wonderful project. The Southern Recipe Restoration Project includes a panel of renown chefs and is rooted in the belief that the heirloom recipes of Southern mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and on should be preserved, captured and shared for generations to come. A project after my own heart!

Click here to read the full AJC article which profiles the story of me & my Grandmother Cele Marcoux and shares three of her beloved recipes: Frozen Lime-Mint Salad, Copycat Fudge Sauce, and Calypso Pie.

Thank you to dear Susan Puckett who spent a great deal of time with me, hearing my story, getting all the nuances and for her appreciation for this great project and the wonderful heirloom Southern recipes preserved for years to come!

date-filled-cookies-1A special recipe to share today, Date-Filled Cookies. Inked by Nana in her very distinct handwriting, the filled cookies have such a rich sweetness and are reminiscent of days past.

The tender cookies make a delightful presentation with their dark contrast of the date filling and the lightly toasted color of the cookies themselves. They come as quite a surprise to some palettes today, as dates aren’t used in too many recipes nowadays.

date-filled-cookies-2Mom actually has to special order a Date Bar Mix from the grocery store, as they’ve stopped carrying them due to popularity – but are SUCH a treat to enjoy!

I do hope you’ll give these a try and keep the dates ever-present in cooking for generations to come.

whipped-carnation-creamI simply adore this wonderful recipe for Whipped Carnation Cream from Nana’s recipe collection!

I am honestly not quite sure what this recipe would be used for – as a stand alone dessert or a filling – I’m just not sure. But it sounds delightful and reminds me of homemade whipping cream, for which there is absolutely no substitution. I even named on of our IceMilk Aprons after my love affair with the made-from-scratch concoction – Whisked Whipping Cream, yum!

I do hope someone will make this wonderful little recipe and fill me in on how you used it. The lemon sounds delightful and I’m sure it was a wonderful consistency & taste.

I am absolutely certain that this very simple dessert will become one of your very favorites!

I actually always thought this was one of Mom’s recipes, until I found it in Grandma’s collection. Mom use to eat a bowl of Corn Flakes every morning when we were little, so we always had them on hand for this impromptu dessert.

The recipe is technically a praline ring, but we always just take the mixture straight from the sauce pan, nice and hot, and topped our bowl of vanilla ice cream with a little scoop of goodness!

So quick, so easy, and so yummy. Enjoy!

Fruit Salad Dressing

IceMilk Aprons: Fruit Salad Dressing

Welcome to our IceMilk Aprons blog. Our mission is to help “preserve your heritage” and it is our hope that we will accomplish this mission.

Our line of aprons is rooted in the passing down of traditions, the sharing of recipes, the art of entertaining, reconnecting with your family and friends, and in the celebration of everyday moments.

Today we share with you a recipe from our Family Collection, passed down through the generations. This hand-written recipe is one of many we will share with you. Nana’s Fruit Salad Dressing is a wonderful recipe for dressing up a dish of fresh-cut fruit for an addition to a brunch spread or a refreshing summer dessert.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts and start a tradition of your own.

Best –

IceMilk Aprons

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