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Delectable sticks of soft peppermint delight, Bob’s Peppermint Sticks are a must-have vintage confection for the holidays.

Wooden barrels brimmed-over with small bags of these fragrant peppermint sticks fill your head with reminiscent memories of noching on the simple treats. Wrap a stack with a simple ribbon for a beautiful stocking stuffer or in place of a traditional bowl of dinner mints. Adding a peppermint stick to a mug of cocoa or coffee for a tasty stir, or as garnish in a specialty holiday drink.
Be sure to grab a tiny bag of these sweet pieces of peppermint sticks and add a classic twist to the candy canes of today to freshen up your holiday cheer.

pb-ornamentA wonderful tradition to start with your family or significant other is the giving of an ornament each Christmas.

My Christmas tree is filled with hand-me-down glass, mercury and silver ornaments and wonderful big white lights. I simply love it. It is scattered with photo frame silver ornaments from Pottery Barn, each engraved with the year and filled with a special black & white photo capturing a special moment shared from this year.  Personally, I alternate between the open square frame and the double locket-style ornaments – but I love that this has become a tradition for my tree and that we’re able to capture a special moment with our photos.

Though there are many other wonderful annual ornament series, such as the Swarovski snowflake ornament that simply sparkles in the light!

And of course – it’s great when decorating your tree to reminisce about the wonderful memories recaptured when going thru each year’s ornament.

Please share with us any holiday traditions you may have with your family!

Another wonderful look at an heirloom-type item that is becoming a thing of the past – the handkerchief.

I am certain we all have a few (elder) relatives out there that still look to their pocket in search of the lovely folded square of fabric, some embroidered perhaps, to dab their nose. It makes me smile every time I see it.

The thing I love most about the concept behind the handkerchief is that you take an everyday, regular thing (ie: the Kleenex) and make it beautiful. And each personal collection has such a variety of colors and monograms that make a simply delightful collection, and easily allowing for accessorizing.

The fine linens can be passed down and treasured by future generations. I have recently heard of several people using the handkerchief to fulfill the “Something Old” quota needed before walking down the aisle, by using the heirloom to wrap around their bridal bouquet, making for a lovely presentation and a sweet nod to past generations.

A few monogrammed handkerchiefs would make for a thoughtful hostess gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season!

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