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A delightful way to entertain, pleasing to the taste buds and the easy on the eyes is the beautifully packaged Bonne Maman preserves. And no, if this is your first reading of our blog, not all our posts are quite this literal!

I have long been a fan of Bonne Maman, even before having ever tasted it. I am simply in love with the simple labeling, not overdone with the pictures & illustrations that clutter the other jams on the shelves. The almost rustic look reminds me of roadside jars of jam and reinforces for me the freshness and goodness of the product.

A wonderful choice for entertaining, as you won’t have to search for a lovely bowl to put the preserves in, but instead can just set it out to display for all to see and devour. What a delight to have such an under-produced product line the simple shelves of the Super Market today. And keep a watchful eye, I’ve noticed it in nearly every magazine’s “pantry-shot” lately as the photo stylists seem to eat it up as well. Literally.

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