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I have always loved the simplicity and amber sheen of a fresh jar of honey – but only recently have I really come to enjoy the taste. And now it seems to be everywhere!

With its beauty honey is a sure bet for entertaining. I think most people (at least in the South) are familiar with the wonderful Savannah Bee Company line. Simply beautiful packaging, so distinctive & elegant, but still with a raw, rustic edge. Pretty much anything from the line makes a beautiful hostess gift when invited somewhere (always bring something!)

And I couldn’t help but share this amazing recipe from another wonderful blog I subscribe to Sweet Paul. His recipe for brie, fresh fig & honey is simply the most beautiful thing to display – and I actually made it over the holidays so I can attest that it is just delicious! And the photography on his blog is just beautifully done.

Honey, I do hope you enjoy!

copycat-chocolate-fudge-sauceAs the holiday season grows nearer every day, I decided this weekend to make a large batch of this treasured family recipe – Copycat Chocolate Fudge Sauce.

I quadrupled (yes, 4x!) the recipe and poured the sauce into small mason jars and stored in the fridge – with the intent in sharing this wonderful treat with friends during the holiday season.  Homemade desserts make the perfect hostess gift when you’re invited to a dinner party or when needing gifts for special people in your day. Include a recipe card for an extra-special treat so they may enjoy the sauce long after its gone! Enjoy!

Another wonderful look at an heirloom-type item that is becoming a thing of the past – the handkerchief.

I am certain we all have a few (elder) relatives out there that still look to their pocket in search of the lovely folded square of fabric, some embroidered perhaps, to dab their nose. It makes me smile every time I see it.

The thing I love most about the concept behind the handkerchief is that you take an everyday, regular thing (ie: the Kleenex) and make it beautiful. And each personal collection has such a variety of colors and monograms that make a simply delightful collection, and easily allowing for accessorizing.

The fine linens can be passed down and treasured by future generations. I have recently heard of several people using the handkerchief to fulfill the “Something Old” quota needed before walking down the aisle, by using the heirloom to wrap around their bridal bouquet, making for a lovely presentation and a sweet nod to past generations.

A few monogrammed handkerchiefs would make for a thoughtful hostess gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season!

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