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whipped-carnation-creamI simply adore this wonderful recipe for Whipped Carnation Cream from Nana’s recipe collection!

I am honestly not quite sure what this recipe would be used for – as a stand alone dessert or a filling – I’m just not sure. But it sounds delightful and reminds me of homemade whipping cream, for which there is absolutely no substitution. I even named on of our IceMilk Aprons after my love affair with the made-from-scratch concoction – Whisked Whipping Cream, yum!

I do hope someone will make this wonderful little recipe and fill me in on how you used it. The lemon sounds delightful and I’m sure it was a wonderful consistency & taste.

thin-chocolate-covered-mint-wafersAnother nod to the Girl Scouts with this lovely recipe for Thin Chocolate Covered Mint Wafers. This one is certainly reminiscent of the ever-popular Thin Mints that we’ve all come to know and love.

This easy recipe is one I again love for its inclusion of extract, or oil of peppermint. It is far more popular than other extracts we’ve featured before (like rose or black walnut) but still hints at that made-from-scratch quality that makes this one special.

Mom always stores her Thin Mints in the freezer, to be enjoyed with a nice cold crispness to them – and I’d recommend you trying this recipe in the same manner just for kicks. They would also be delightful on a scoop of vanilla bean ice milk. Mmmm the delight!

kahlua-toffee-nut-barsYum! Another favorite holiday cookie recipe from the family archive – Kahlua Toffee Nut Bars.

Grandma was simply renown for her “Kahlua Parties” – everyone would bring an empty bottle and she’d make up a special batch to enjoy at the party with enough for each guest to fill their bottle and bring home. Probably in today’s world not a “open container” safe idea but nonetheless.

These Kahlua Toffee Nut Bars are a simple, rich and beautiful addition to your holiday cookie baking this season! Enjoy.

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