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date-filled-cookies-1A special recipe to share today, Date-Filled Cookies. Inked by Nana in her very distinct handwriting, the filled cookies have such a rich sweetness and are reminiscent of days past.

The tender cookies make a delightful presentation with their dark contrast of the date filling and the lightly toasted color of the cookies themselves. They come as quite a surprise to some palettes today, as dates aren’t used in too many recipes nowadays.

date-filled-cookies-2Mom actually has to special order a Date Bar Mix from the grocery store, as they’ve stopped carrying them due to popularity – but are SUCH a treat to enjoy!

I do hope you’ll give these a try and keep the dates ever-present in cooking for generations to come.

thin-chocolate-covered-mint-wafersAnother nod to the Girl Scouts with this lovely recipe for Thin Chocolate Covered Mint Wafers. This one is certainly reminiscent of the ever-popular Thin Mints that we’ve all come to know and love.

This easy recipe is one I again love for its inclusion of extract, or oil of peppermint. It is far more popular than other extracts we’ve featured before (like rose or black walnut) but still hints at that made-from-scratch quality that makes this one special.

Mom always stores her Thin Mints in the freezer, to be enjoyed with a nice cold crispness to them – and I’d recommend you trying this recipe in the same manner just for kicks. They would also be delightful on a scoop of vanilla bean ice milk. Mmmm the delight!

buttons-bowtiesA very yummy recipe today … an easy & charming southern cookie recipe … Buttons & Bowties! I love the recipe on so many levels.

First, I think it’s pretty easy to see that this was a popular one in our family from the huge stain across the card. A little hard to read, but well worth the efforts!

Second, the buttons. I’ve seen several variations of button cookies – very cute, very easy to do and they make for a great presentation for a special homemade gift. The cutest probably being for baby showers, with the buttons threaded together & sweetly packaged in a little box. buttons-bowties-b

And lastly, the bowties! Certainly my favorite – sort of reminds me of seersucker suits, southern weddings & summertime. I am quite certain a bowtie-exclusive post will follow very soon!

And remember – be sure to roll the cookies in the sugar when they’re good & hot. Delish!

Thanks to Mom for deciphering the recipe below …

Buttons & Bows
____ Preheat oven: 400˚ Bake

____ Mix the following in a medium bowl to make a soft dough:

2 cups Bisquick® Original baking mix

1/3 cup milk

2 tablespoons sugar

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 egg

____ Sprinkle (LIGHTLY!) counter with flour

____ Put dough on surface, and knead quickly and lightly (if you knead for too long, the dough will turn hard)

____ Roll dough with rolling pin until it is ½” thick

____ Cut dough with biscuit cutter or shape as you want (be creative! Roll out the letters for your initials, make shapes, tie into
pretzel knots, make buttons and bows, etc!)

____ Place shapes on cookie sheet

____ Bake 8-10 minutes or until the tops are light brown

While you’re shapes are baking:

____ Clean up what you can

____ Melt 1/4 cup butter in saucepan over LOW HEAT

____ Put 1/2 cup sugar in a small bowl

____ Take cookie sheet with baked shapes out of oven (use oven mits!), and remove with a spatula—place on drying rack

____ While they are warm, dip in melted butter, then dip/roll in sugar

____ Clean up kitchen while they cool/dry

black-walnut-cookiesMy post yesterday on Girl Scout cookies influenced this lovely recipe for Black Walnut Cookies.

This is another one of Nana’s. When I look at each new recipe it’s almost like a scavenger hunt and today I found something lost in time!

Black walnut extract. I love how these old recipes have these seemingly-extinct extracts that no one seems to use or have on hand anymore. Honestly, my favorite one to date is Rose extract – mmmm what a romantic & wonderful taste to consider for your next batch of cookies.

kahlua-toffee-nut-barsYum! Another favorite holiday cookie recipe from the family archive – Kahlua Toffee Nut Bars.

Grandma was simply renown for her “Kahlua Parties” – everyone would bring an empty bottle and she’d make up a special batch to enjoy at the party with enough for each guest to fill their bottle and bring home. Probably in today’s world not a “open container” safe idea but nonetheless.

These Kahlua Toffee Nut Bars are a simple, rich and beautiful addition to your holiday cookie baking this season! Enjoy.

shortbreadI thought these two yummy family recipe variations for Shortbread would be a perfect fit now that we’re into the month of December.

Shortbread is a fairly common cookie, named for its crumbly texture. I found it interesting that originally recipes for shortbread contained 3 parts oatmeal, rather than plain white flour – as is traditional in today’s “modern day” recipes. Sometimes people do still add a bit of ground rice or cornflour into the recipe to add a bit of the original texture back in. Interesting!

Personally I prefer the Cashew Shortbread version, although I know Grandma was fond of the Scotch Shortbread.  I don’t think cooking with liquors is nearly as popular as it used to be. No matter which variation you choose – I hope you do enjoy!

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