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nanas-pie-crust-fAs promised in our post from yesterday, here ALSO is my personal favorite recipe of Mom’s – the “Pie Crust” Cinnamon Rolls recipe that was also an inspiration for the “Rollings of Cinnamon” full apron by IceMilk Aprons.

nanas-pie-crust-bYou will notice this recipe card is for Nana’s Pie Crust specifically (which can be used to make any number of WONDERFUL pies) so to make the cinnamon roll recipe – it’s simple.  Make the pie crust recipe as the card says – then, take the same butter, sugar & cinnamon from the “Crescent” Cinnamon Rolls recipe in the previous post for the inside filling. Spread the filling over the rolled pie crust and roll into a tube. Then, cut slices of the tube into pinwheels and bake on cookie sheet. And there you have it! Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls that are simply to die for!

You will find the front & back of the recipe card for your baking pleasure on this one as well!

Put the two head to head and let me know which YOU prefer?


As promised in our post from yesterday, here is the coveted, wonderful and perfectly pleasing “Crescent” Cinnamon Rolls recipe that inspired the “Rollings of Cinnamon” full apron by IceMilk Aprons – and Mom!

You will find the front & back of the recipe card for your baking pleasure! Enjoy.cinnamon-rolls-fcinnamon-rolls-b

51The Rollings of Cinnamon apron holds a special significance, as do all the aprons in our Heritage Collection – and this full apron was inspired by my lovely Mother, Judy Leckey.

Rollings of Cinnamon is an ode to her divine cinnamon rolls that have graced our plates for many breakfasts past. I love, love, love the cinnamon rolls. And lucky for all of us, there are two special cinnamon roll recipes that Mom makes.

The first is what we call the “crescent” cinnamon rolls. A doughy log filled with gooey cinnamon filling and topped with a powdered sugar icing glaze. A quick & easy recipe perfect for any breakfast dish. The second is the coveted “pie crust” cinnamon rolls. These take just a little more time, craft & care – but are well worth it. Sliced into small individual pinwheel cinnamon rolls – the dough is a flaky pie crust and the filling is more a dry cinnamon streusel filling.

Check back with us tomorrow for the very special cinnamon rolls recipe from Mom. And, click to view more on the Rollings of Cinnamon full apron from IceMilk Aprons.

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