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I do believe that some of the most wonderful heirloom treasures in the world are found in the kitchen.

From tin cookie cutters to rolling pins to aprons, these handy items all contain memories from learning to cook in your youth with your family.

I have a set of tin measuring spoons from my Grandmother’s collection that I must admit I use for baking over my trusty, shiny new ones.

Last Christmas, I received a lovely treasure – a set of Tin Woodsman pewter measuring spoons and are sure to become an heirloom for my future generations. My love for pewter continues to withstand day in and day out, but these hearty hammered oversized spoons are simply iconic in the kitchen. A true symbol for a baker, these artful pieces make for such a lovely heirloom gift to enjoy for years & years!


Give an heirloom gift from IceMilk Aprons

To continue the traditions of passing down heirlooms, I hope the posts the next two engravedwatchmonths will inspire you to consider choosing meaningful holiday gifts for your friends & family this year.

One heirloom gift to consider this year – an engraved watch. Several years back, I was surprised to inherit a collection of tiny silver wrist watches passed down through my family. Each one a little different, and each on engraved on the backplate with a date, initials or tiny saying. How special it is for me to have this wonderful collection of watches that I know were given as very meaningful gifts at one time.

Whether a masculine gentleman’s pocket watch, or a dainty woman’s wrist watch – a wonderful and personal holiday gift idea this year.

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