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it’s never too early for your first heirloom! the very first baby gift i received came from my mom { besides the actual gift of our baby-to-be of course! } and was this absolutely adorable little piggy pewter spoon.

this was the perfect little gift for our little guy, one he’ll cherish for years to come i am certain. being that i am a huge lover of pewter, instead of registering for china for our wedding { i am lucky to have a set of grandma’s and nana’s china } we registered instead for pewter serving pieces. and the little pig on the spoon was just too cute for a feeding spoon, don’t you think?

and, ironically i was fortunate to have met the folks at beehive at the last gift show in Atlanta too. i simply love their matching pewter cup as well, how darling? i have several tiny sterling cups that were passed down from both sides of my family, which i can only assume were baby heirlooms at one point in time as well.

and, so i got on a little piggy kick, because really they are just too cute. another heirloom option that i’m loving is the piggy bank. making a perfect gift for baby, or for a 1st birthday, encouraging good fortune and good habits early on. i adore these two twists on a traditional bank, the glass and the gold make for quite a statement, even for the littlest of people.

what was your first heirloom?

images via: beehive kitchenware co. / viva terra / areawear

match1995Like anything, the “art” of entertaining is in the presentation, the experience. While perception isn’t always reality, 9 out of 10 times if your gourmet meal LOOKS overly extravagent, it will taste even better to your guests. And vice versa, you could serve your guests a cake that has collapsed and is in crumbles, and while it may actually be the most divine cake ever made, it’s presentation has already set the dessert up for disaster!

And so, these ramblings bring me around to a MOST fantastic line of fine pewter tableware. With this, even the most disastrous of meals will be a delight to your guests. Match is such a unique line that reminds me of dining at a plantation home with large white columns and thoroughbreds in the yard. Such a strong presence to dress up any meal.

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