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As the Easter holiday fast approaches, bring some holiday spirit and decor into your home or at your Spring gathering while still keeping it tasteful and classy.

I believe there are few things that make a statement more than an arrangement that includes a single color palette and a collection of similar objects. And the same is true with my favorite Easter display. A gathering of beautiful chocolate Easter bunnies, each with a different pose and size proportion, but all with the delicate detailing and features that make them unique.

The rich chocolate brown color makes for a lovely grouping, whether making a centerpiece display, the highlight of each place setting or simply on a foyer side table making for a grand and unexpected entrance into your home.

Enjoy their beauty & simplicity, just don’t be surprised if one or two disappear to hungry hands before the holiday is here!

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A must-have for entertaining is a breadth of entertaining pieces from which to serve your guests.

From stands to platters to dishes, presentation is 90% of the effort. So, one of my favorite entertaining pieces is a glass bell cloche. WHAT a lovely & versatile little piece this is!

Makes for a great centerpiece on a table with a plant or potted herb inside, wonderful for setting atop a rustic cutting board and serving cheese beneath, and simply divine for desserts like cupcakes with fluffy white icing. Even a candle setting would be delightful in one of these cloches.

If you don’t have one, you simply must run right out and find one today. Be sure to search & scour for the most unique & wonderful one you can find. And let me know how else you’ve found to use yours for entertaining!

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