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tcmnewlogoWe are excited to announce our feature today on Teacake Martini which is a blog dedicated to sharing the word about “The Little Luxuries of Life.” What a wonderful place for us to be included.

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A special thanks to Atlanta blogger, Maryan for all of her support of IceMilk Aprons.

I have always loved the simplicity and amber sheen of a fresh jar of honey – but only recently have I really come to enjoy the taste. And now it seems to be everywhere!

With its beauty honey is a sure bet for entertaining. I think most people (at least in the South) are familiar with the wonderful Savannah Bee Company line. Simply beautiful packaging, so distinctive & elegant, but still with a raw, rustic edge. Pretty much anything from the line makes a beautiful hostess gift when invited somewhere (always bring something!)

And I couldn’t help but share this amazing recipe from another wonderful blog I subscribe to Sweet Paul. His recipe for brie, fresh fig & honey is simply the most beautiful thing to display – and I actually made it over the holidays so I can attest that it is just delicious! And the photography on his blog is just beautifully done.

Honey, I do hope you enjoy!

I wanted to take a moment to share a few special things from my family this holiday season, as they related to “preserves” the blog.

You will remember the post on Signature Gift Wrapping and I wanted to share the two wonderful wrapping styles my Mom (green w/ burlap) & my Sister (kraft w/ berries) used this year for all their presents! What a treat!


And of course, a very special heirloom gift from me this year was an IceMilk Apron for everyone! You can see below a quick family shot, and a special treat to have my Sisters new (soon-to-be) “H” monogrammed initial. I accompanied each apron with a special mini photobook I put together that included family recipes and old black & white family photos from Grandma’s collection. And, the aprons came in handy as we cooked for days & days!

family-apronsI hope you & your family had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some great “heirloom” gifts this season!

I was reminded of a classic point in entertaining etiquette this weekend as I wrapped & wrapped & wrapped presents under my Christmas tree to help get ready for the holidays.

Gift wrapping IS an art – and there are many traditions for holiday gift wrapping that I’ve seen folks try. For example, my grandmother would always carefully unwrap her gifts each year and then keep the paper, boxes & ribbons to be used for years to come. Mom used to wrap each persons gifts in a different color wrapping paper so you could easily tell who’s gift was who’s without the need for tags (that always fall off anyways!)

I have my own little wrapping tradition – wrapping everything in kraft paper, kraft bags, and twine. I love the simplicity of the look and the basic-ness of the elements. And I must say, it looks simply fabulous under the Frasier fir & cream Christmas tree skirt this year!

One year I added some white paper doilies, the next some fuzzy cream yarn, and this year have added tiny gold foil labels just to switch it up a bit. But it’s a signature wrapping I’ve become known for – even beyond the holidays – into birthday & wedding wrappings. And one I’ve continued even in the packaging of my IceMilk Aprons wrapping.

What is your art of gift wrapping?

ws-alton-flatwareI previously shared my absolute love for the line of Match pewter that reminds me of service that would be found on a beautiful Southern plantation.

While perusing for holiday gifts, I came across a most fabulous line of pewter flatware at Williams-Sonoma – their Alton Flatware. It is wonderfully heavy and has a fabulous distressed antique look to it.

Perfect to adorn any table setting – but even more perfect for cherishing generations down the road. Another heirloom item that can take you from “everyday” use to treasured timepiece later in life.

Interested to hear if anyone else has any fabulous pewter finds? Seems to be making quite a comeback these days …

nanas-pie-crust-fAs promised in our post from yesterday, here ALSO is my personal favorite recipe of Mom’s – the “Pie Crust” Cinnamon Rolls recipe that was also an inspiration for the “Rollings of Cinnamon” full apron by IceMilk Aprons.

nanas-pie-crust-bYou will notice this recipe card is for Nana’s Pie Crust specifically (which can be used to make any number of WONDERFUL pies) so to make the cinnamon roll recipe – it’s simple.  Make the pie crust recipe as the card says – then, take the same butter, sugar & cinnamon from the “Crescent” Cinnamon Rolls recipe in the previous post for the inside filling. Spread the filling over the rolled pie crust and roll into a tube. Then, cut slices of the tube into pinwheels and bake on cookie sheet. And there you have it! Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls that are simply to die for!

You will find the front & back of the recipe card for your baking pleasure on this one as well!

Put the two head to head and let me know which YOU prefer?

As promised in our post from yesterday, here is the coveted, wonderful and perfectly pleasing “Crescent” Cinnamon Rolls recipe that inspired the “Rollings of Cinnamon” full apron by IceMilk Aprons – and Mom!

You will find the front & back of the recipe card for your baking pleasure! Enjoy.cinnamon-rolls-fcinnamon-rolls-b

51The Rollings of Cinnamon apron holds a special significance, as do all the aprons in our Heritage Collection – and this full apron was inspired by my lovely Mother, Judy Leckey.

Rollings of Cinnamon is an ode to her divine cinnamon rolls that have graced our plates for many breakfasts past. I love, love, love the cinnamon rolls. And lucky for all of us, there are two special cinnamon roll recipes that Mom makes.

The first is what we call the “crescent” cinnamon rolls. A doughy log filled with gooey cinnamon filling and topped with a powdered sugar icing glaze. A quick & easy recipe perfect for any breakfast dish. The second is the coveted “pie crust” cinnamon rolls. These take just a little more time, craft & care – but are well worth it. Sliced into small individual pinwheel cinnamon rolls – the dough is a flaky pie crust and the filling is more a dry cinnamon streusel filling.

Check back with us tomorrow for the very special cinnamon rolls recipe from Mom. And, click to view more on the Rollings of Cinnamon full apron from IceMilk Aprons.

life-mag-apronI was intrigued to learn that Google has recently preserved the huge database of wonderful Life Magazine images.

Renown as having some of the most captivating and beautiful photography, what a wonderful way for Google to share decade after decade of historical images with the world for years and years to come – preserving these images in time.

This image is one I found in the database of Life images of a classical apron shot. I love how proper & elegant this shot is – and must say that our waist aprons at IceMilk Aprons are inspired by this “high-worn” apron style of years past.

I do hope you’ll search the Google database for these wonderful heirloom treasures!

ajc_logo I am thrilled to share that today we were featured by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in this year’s holiday gift guide.

Among the many other items featured on the “Cook’s Wish List” – IceMilk Aprons (and the Rollings of Cinnamon apron) was among the products selected for our friends in the “Foodie with Everything” category.

Click here to view the full story.

A very special thanks to Jeanne Besser for giving us a chance with this feature – and I do encourage you all to check out her wonderful Feeding Frenzy blog.

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