Each of our 6 aprons in the Heritage Collection of IceMilk Aprons was named after an

influential person in my life. Each apron name was created to be quirky and vauge enough that someone could interpret each in a way that was meaningful to them, but each also holds a very specific and purposeful memory for me.

The “Frosty Tin Marshmallows” apron was inspired by my Grandmother – Cele Marcoux. From the post below you can pull the real recipe from her collection.

The Frozen Lime-Mint Salads were honestly a side dish for each and every holiday I can remember ever having at Grandma’s.  And there were many variations (apricot/walnut being the most memorable – yick) that were tested over the years – but Lime-Mint was definitely the fail-safe.

No only was the recipe a given, but the way in which the little treats were presented. Each salad was carefully prepared a few days before the holiday in its own silver aluminum (“tin”) muffin cup, the mixture prepared and the cups filled and then stuck in the freezer.  The day-of, my sister and I would usually have the task of setting the table, filling the drinks and preparing the frozen salad plates.

We always ate on either one of two china sets that our Grandparents had, one of which I know have, and the other my sister has. Using the bread plate as the setting, we would carefully lay a large leaf of bibb lettuce across each plate and then perch the frosty salads atop – ready to serve! Each lettuce leaf was pre-washed, separated and carefully stored in a ziploc bag with paper towel to soak up the extra water – Grandma was big on pre-prepping everything days in advance.

I think we would all glance across the table and smile at each other as our little frosty treats sit in front of each of us as part of the holiday spread. I can’t say they were anyone’s favorite part of the meal in terms of being the most wonderful side dish, but I would guarantee that any one of our family members would surely claim it as the most memorable holiday dish, a tradition that will surely continue.

And so it is – thanks to Grandma – Frosty Tin Marshmallows for all!

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